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Bad Thoughts

Hi everyone just need to know am not going crazy. I've suffered with anxiety for alot of years and recently my doctor has changed my meds from clitapram to fluxotine and the other day a suffered a really bad thought which a haven't had for along time and it scared the hell out of me it was that bad it made me physically sick.  And now days later its still on my mind and making me want to cry all the time especially when a go to bed.  So please can anyone help me...

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These bad thoughts do come with anxiety but be reassured because it has upset you so much then this is not you but the anxiety 

Remember it is a thought everyone has them and usually just dismiss them when someone has anxiety we tend to hang on to them the anxiety tends to like that 

Could be the new meds and changing them that has brought this on till you adjust but if it carries on and you are still getting them in a few weeks time I would go back and speak to my Doctor but give things time to settle down first :-)

Take Care x


Aw thank you sweety xx A hate feeling like this hopefully it will pass soon xx

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I've had a few bad thoughts, and it sucks since it makes me feel uneasy and panicky.  But just like trying g to avoid anxious feelings it will keep coming back the more you resist them. I now understand though that as long as you do not act on it you'll be fine. It's only a stupid thought. Assess it and try and understand why it exists, but if it's really bothersome talk to a therapist or someone you feel comfortable with.

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Thank you hunni xx


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