Feeling very down

I need some advice on how to stop thinking that I have Polycythemia vera I've been to hemotogist and he said nothing of the sort just that the red cells were a little elevate why can't I stop thinking of the worse I hate this panic and anxiety that takes over once in awhile even my regular doctor said it's something we just have to monitor for now please some one advise me feeling a bit hopeless 


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  • Hi Oliveira.   My 26 y.o. daughter was diagnosed with too many red blood cells from a hematologist about 5 years ago.  It was written in her records as either Polycythemia or Erythromelalgia.  She has problems with burning feet from time to time as well as swelling.  No pain.  She talks with others on the internet who have the same thing.  She was never told to come back to the doctor and has been doing okay.  I would listen to what you doctor said about just  monitoring it for now.  Many times nothing becomes of the things that we worry about.  Since you weren't even diagnosed it could be something completely different. 

  • Thank I for answering I don't get burning feet or a horrible itch on my body and he didn't say I have it but than why can't I just leave Google out lol I always worry I have such fear my therapist said its cause the only way I don't worry if it's I'm in control once again thanks  last night I ended up taking a Xanax I was tired of worrying over this here's to a better day today 

  • Try not to worry Oliveira about something you haven't been diagnosed with.   You know that Google is a big part of the fear.  I know what you mean about being in control.  I am like that myself and that's why it took me a long time to reverse the anxiety where I am the boss.  Here's to a better, brighter, fearless and more in control day for us.

    P.S.  And....no turning to Google allowed for one day  xx

  • Thanks so much I try so hard to control this anxiety doctor wants me to up my lexapro from 10 to 20mg a day even that's hard for me to do thinking what if I feel worse than better these two days now I feel like my skin is in a prickly feeling is this my head playing stupid tricks on me cause what o read on google I'm even tired of hearing myself about the worring I can imagine how others feel when I complain thanks again for ur words and ur right doctor said nothing about me having polycinthemia Vera I really need to stop lol 😱

  • Hi dear, if it is any comfort, I am on 15 mg of Lexapro and find it to be a good drug w/o the drowsy feeling.  I feel good.  I wish you well in upping the dose (I had started out

    on 10mg as well)  sometimes we just need a little more of a

    good thing  :)  

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