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Home Alone advice

Hi All

I have been put on Mirtazapine and started CBT to help with the panic attacks I have been having. I am staying at home alone for a week which I haven't done for a long time and feel very anxious: my parents are on holiday and my partner is away with work so I am literally all alone and very scared. Any tips on how to make it through the first night on my own? I'd be really grateful.

Thank you,

Jodie x

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I would come to this site if you start to have a panic attack and talk to people on here. It helps me get through mine. When I am by myself I don't watch the news or anything that is upsetting. I try to watch or read something positive. Oh, I also pray a lot!

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I hate being home alone too. It helps me to constantly have noise on in some way like music and or the television. Anything to keep your mind from fully focusing on being alone. These forums help a lot too


Thank you both. I feel very on edge and almost certain I will have an attack before the night is out- it's only 18:17 where I am at the moment. I think I might go for a bath and watch some telly and have a hot chocolate to try and tire me out so I can sleep. Thank you x

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