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I was diagnosed with gad after suffering a really bad panick attack from taking welbutrin to quit smoking. I was prescribed buspirone but it only mad my anxiety worse. I've been on 10mg paroxetine since late November. It didn't seem to work and actually made my anxiety worse for the first month. After a month or so it started to work pretty good for 2 to 3 month's, but the last 2 months have been horrible and it's not working anymore. My doctor upped my dose to 20 mg daily but I'm afraid took take it because if it doesn't work it might be to hard to get off of. I've heard it's one of the hardest medications to get off of. I hate taken pills to begin with. Do any of you have any suggestions on what I should do, take the higher dose or switch medications? I used to play basketball almost every day for years now I'm scared shitless any time my heart beats fast. I'm scared to do anything physical now. I just finished school to become an hvac technician and now don't think I'll be able to that kind of demanding work.

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Sometimes we need medication just for a short time to calm us down and help

break the cycle of panic.  Finding the right medication that works can be in upping the dose or switching meds.  Either way, I know it is a very difficult thing when you are anxious.   You need something right now as well as some coping skills especially if you want to become a hvac technician.  Congrats on finishing school...Now reap the benefits by getting yourself stabilized.  Tell the doctor of your fears and ask his advice.

As for worrying about getting off a medication may be hard, first you need to be on

it or you will be in limbo and still suffering.   I wish you well in your decision.  


I think I'll start taking the higher dose that was recommended by my doctor. I'll give it a a month or 2 to see if it's working or not then contact my doctor again. Thank you very much for your reply.

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I wish you well....

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I wish you well too!


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