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Paroxetine sertraline

4weeks off paroxetine now in 5th week on sertraline yesterday and today having terrible anxiety and panic along with palpitation have other people experiences this and how soon does it go

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Morning I know you don't want to hear this but took me 8 to 12 weeks to settle down still have bad days but nothing like in the early days it just takes time please let me know how you go on good days will come x


Morning I have had bad days but have had really bad anxiety since Sunday afternoon usually calms down at night but I have been awake almost all night without it giving in Did you have time when the anxiety did not stop for days st a time


Yes felt as if I could not cope but I did and you will like you felt better at night did not want to go out cancelled my holiday in the algrave because couldn't face going but now going out going away in September still have a bad day now and then but nothing I can not cope with x


Had on and off days since stopping paroxetine 4 weeks and starting sertraline 4weeks yesterday but nothing like last night just can’t calm down would love to sleep but have to keep playing games on phone to divert my attention as having palpitations


Feel for you I know how horrible it is have you tried breathing 2 in and 4 out try and think of nice thinks cause you know it's all in your mind go for a walk and I know it's not easy talking will help have you anyone x


I can totally identify with the horrors of getting off paroxetine. In fact my psychiatrist is still weaning me off while waiting for fluoxetine to kick in (he lowered dose of one to compensate for other). I trust him to monitor correctly. I’m still on both, but I think we’ll be discarding the paroxetine at my visit next week. And it’s been months (don’t mean to discourage you, just sharing my experience).

And, it took some time to find out which AD would work for me. Tried Lexapro and couple other concoctions, but they didn’t do the job.

While the initial weaning was in progress, he put me on Xanax to take once, twice or three times a day. I never had to take it 3X. Got down to once a day (in the morning). That definitely helped with anxiety for me. I didn’t like taking a controlled substance, but getting off Paxil was brutal. I am now weaning off Xanax.

Please make sure you pay attention to your professional people, as everyone is different and our experiences here are as individual as each one of us.

Just wanted you to know I understand some of your struggle. Hang in there.


Thank you. Dr got me to come of paroxetine from 30mg to 10mg over a six week period. As soon as I stopped he put me straight on sertraline this is the 5th week and the worst. Anxiety levels very high for two days and not letting up at night which has normally done in the past. So last night no sleep just need some rest

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I sent you a PM.


Ask you Doctor to change you to Lexepro a much better AD


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