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2 weeks of feeling on edge with feelings of passing out but haven't

Hello, I'm currently experiencing symptoms of anxiety, I've been to the drs and they have also said I have a viral infection, every day chores that I would normally breeze through I can't do, even taking the kids to the park now seems to much for me and o just want to go home, I can handle being ill, I can't handle the anxiety and panic that I am experiencing, for 2 weeks now I've had this and it doesn't seem to be getting better, I try to keep myself relaxed but it can just take over and then I feel like I'm going to pass out,  I feel helpless x 

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I have that and sometimes all the time. Lightheadedness is terrible and feeling like you are going to pass out which I feel often :( You need to lay down and listen to some music or read a book or what ever makes you completely relax. I am sick at the moment and I can't handle it either as I feel like something bad is going to happen to me :( Hope you are ok and maybe go speak to your doctor? 


I went yesterday, I'm waiting on blood tests to be taken next week! It's hard with my 3 little ones and I'm trying to keep it from them but it's tiring and so worrying when I feel like I'm going to pass out but this hasn't happened, all the time I'm sitting down I'm OK , it's when I'm up right, I'm trying positive thoughts ,it's a beautiful day , the dr said my balance and weakness is the viral infection and the anxiety can be part of that x

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Let me know how the results go when you get them. 


My friend is having the same problem for months!  To make it worse, they are treating her neuritis with steroids, which has her anxiety through the roof!  Her doctors assure her she is improving & this won't last forever.  She is starting acupuncture, so praying that will help.


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