Anxiety and depersonlization

Hi im a 20 ys old guy , I really feel hopeless when it comes to my anxiety disorder , it started in last summer when i traveled with my dad and couldnt sleep for 2 nights and got really sich that i tought im gonna die , i couldnt get over it and the fear got bigger and bigger until i got depersonalization and from the. I started to get afaraid of everything ( Dying either from not sleeping or food poisoning or an accident or a heart attack and also loosing my mind ) It has been 7 months and im feeling hopless despite the fact that im having psychotherapie sessions , My live got ruined by this illness i dont enjoy the stuff that i used to enjoy it got me to the point of having an existencial crisis and starting to doubt even my existence . CAN SOMEONE HELP WITH THIS PLEASE ! 


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  • It's a horrible I know first hand how it can ruin your life. I was always doing this & that now I go to work & come home if I didn't have to go to work trust me I wouldn't. I would prefer to sleep all day & night it's the only time I find real peace. It's been hard on my relationship to. I mean we are depressed well at least I'm depressed I know that much. It starts to affect certain things. I find no joy in anything I once did. I went to a few doctors & as soon as I give my symptoms they say anxiety. I believe I have anxiety but I also fear I have something else like cancer or something wrong with my lungs. I have a hard time breathing it comes & goes I feel like I'm being smothered kinda & I have to take deep breaths & yawn a lot. This all started for me 4 months ago I started a new stressful job & here iam. I can let a lot of this go & just deal with it as much as I mentally can, but the breathing symptoms scare the living shit out of me. I got prescribed celexa but I haven't taken them yet. I may have to try something if this keeps up. I'm at my breaking point. I wanna enjoy my life like I once did. I can't imagine being like this for the rest of my life it's not an option. I'm going to beat it one way or the other. I hope you are able to find some. Kind of peace. 🙏🏻

  • I'm the same. Have had breathing issues for the last few days and it scares the hell out of me :( I want to enjoy life and get my life back.

  • I woke up today fine, and bam an hour later it started tight chest, I have to take deep breaths keep yawning. I'm sitting here relaxing & it still starts up. This has been going on & on since Saturday. And sometimes I do feel relief but it's short lived. Hope you are doing better today 😊🙏🏻

  • Thank you for the replay im doing a little bit better better but the thing is still going on 

  • Hi Damien

    You will get over this try and get your doctor to get some CBT it helps so much even at the time you think it does not l am myself re overnight from aniexty of one lot of week med now  and l take diazapan at night if l need it it helps think about the good things in life and with CBT things get better keep going your get there P

  • Oh okey i ll give it a shot thank you 😊😊

  • Hi Damine,

    I'm sorry that you're going through this nightmare. I'm also sorry that it seems no Dr. has prescribed any medication for you. Psychotherapy alone obviously isn't cutting it. It usually doesn't. It works well along with medication for both depression and anxiety. I highly recommend you see a psychiatrist or at the very minimum an internist or GP for an antidepressant and maybe an anti-anxiety medicine also. It depends on the amount of anxiety you have.

    There's a current push to treat depression and anxiety with CBT only these days and you are a perfect example of the fact that it just isn't enough, that medication has it's place and is needed along with CBT. Don't let anyone talk you out of the obvious need you have for medication. I've walked in your shoes and am doing very well with both counseling and medication for 26 years now. Please don't waste another day being miserable and get the ball rolling by checking around for a good Dr. to make an appointment with asap. Write back and let us know how you're doing if you will.

  • I will try that thank you very much 😊

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