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How can you get better when no one understands?

Woke up feeling really emotional today, no matter how hard I try there are days when it just takes over. My partner gets really frustrated with me and doesn't understand how one day I can be ok and the next I'm really low again. He says there must be something that triggers it. Nothing triggered it today..I just feel really low :( No matter how much I talk to people I feel like no one gets can you get better when no one understands?

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I had this problem with my boyfriend at the start and we were close to breaking up a few times. He always got frustrated when I felt anxious and panicky because he couldn't stop it from happeneing to me. He never admitted that until recently. Something like this is hard to understand especially when you're not going through it yourself! Maybe just sit him down and explain things to him clearly? How long have you been together? 


We've been together for 3 years in July. I tell him all the time how I feel. He says there are people in worst predicaments then me. He is also very quiet so sometimes I feel like I'm dealing with everything alone. Finding everything so hard at the moment.


Some people in our lives may never understand.   You can get better by

seeing a therapist as well as helping yourself by coming here to this

community to get support and understanding. 


Thanks guys, I'm seeing the doctor Wednesday so i'm hoping I can get some help xxx


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