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How I feel better

WOW. So today I was really anxious when I went out with my mom and almost asked her to take me home. I didn't, though. And I was helping her with her work and moving some stuff and after, I FELT so different. Like, empowered. And though there was a rough patch to where I really wanted to leave, I pushed through and I can remember what it was like to feel normal. And it's amazing. ALL BECAUSE I DECIDED TO DO SOMETHING. And I didn't think about how I felt for like, two hours, maybe three. I feel like I've let my brain breathe.

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I'M so glad the AAA t u got some relief even 4 just a moment


What's AAA? I don't live in the UK.


Sorry didn't mean 2put that at all. I'M not from the UK either, I'M an American


Same here. Im back to normal all becoz i didnt waste my time thinking about the physical symptoms. Which in all honesty was what made my anxiety worse from the very beginning. I feel good about myself.

Distraction is the key. Exercise is the key. Your mind can be your enemy to....weird as it sounds its true. N its true what they say its all in your head..

It takes time but once you get the hang of paying less attentions to the what ifs and focus on the present it'll be worth it in the end.

I use to google every symptoms i had. Heavy chest, severe headaches, sleep palpitations etc....i dont drink dont smoke. I dont have high blood pressure n since i had my ecg done on my heart, all seemed to be ok...n i thought to myself why the hell am i constantly thinking something is wrong?.

One day while waiting for the bus a girl in her 20's i guess...over weight enjoying that cigarette of hers. Now noticing the obvious...i couldnt help but think....shes in the high category of having lung cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure etc...but despite that shes not worried at all about her health. N here i am...perfectly healthy despite my anxiety overdrive being constantly worrying about what if i have a heart attack n die. I mean this girl should be worried about her health but shes not. She's just being herself.

So i kept thinking about it....over n over. The fact that she doesn't have a worry in the world n shes happy.

So i decided to change the way i thought about my physical symptoms. Minimize my googling research on my physical symptoms. Focused on the positives n disregard any unnecessary drama. Exercise too was a huge ice break for me followed by dieting. I notice the first time i did alot of exercise i felt better n im sure you have felt the same...from what i read. Trust me my friend keep doing what u do and you will feel normal again. Dont be hard on yourself, be patient, tap yourself on the back mate coz your doing a good job.

Love the story....

Keep us posted 😊😊😊


Yeah, I was exercising too! Doing the scooter for like, an hour and then moving some boxes. I'm so glad you feel better and it's inspiring! Thank you

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That's great to hear! Good 4u, keep going , Think sometimes doing something for others is a great therapy in itself ,and helping your mam with her work did the trick!(_I live in North East England and don't know what AAA means either) Hope your day goes well!

Kath ✳:)

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isn't it strange when we stop focusing on how we feel we start to feel better, so simple to achieve yet so hard at the same time.. mental illness is so so hard well done x


I wouldn't call it a mental illness. It's just an apprehensive mindset. If it were an illness, we wouldn't be able to change that mindset and overcome it.


Thanks for sharing. I find that when I am focused on something else or someone else, I am not thinking about my symptoms.


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