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Morning everyone I've been pretty quiet lately as I've just been getting on with life,but this anxiety never gives me a day off,anyway I went to see my doctor about my fear of getting on a plane,her answer just take soon as I get up I'm sick with fear and yes the other end starts,surely there's something I can take.once I'm up in the air it tends to disappear unless we hit turbulence and I get anxious.

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Have you ever tried calms if you spell it that way or did or would your Doctor just offer you maybe 6 at the most Valium just in case as a one of but not as a regular thing , it could be worth asking ?

Take as much as you can do do maybe music , coloring , reading material etc on the plane to distract you and I hope you have a lovely holiday , I am sure everything will be fine :-)

Take Care x


Thanks for replying yeah I've tried kalms before to no going to go back to a different doctor and see if they have a better suggestion then just take Imodium.i do take things to distract me but my fear mixed with anxiety overcomes what I'm doing.i would love to fly on my own one day but I don't see it happening with how I feel at the minute x


I find travel sickness pills are good in this situation as they make me very dozy. Don't think you can take if have bad asthma though as can make it worse. You can buy stergeron on shelf and phenergan fm pharmacists as much stronger ( believe they are a very strong antihistamine that has side effect of helping travel sickness.) Alternatively my OHs gp gives him a few valium to take, note this would be no good if you have children to look after as he's away with fairies!

 Don't take anything before driving though and obvs don't drink any alcohol


Thanks for replying my problem is the other end lol,my doctor said to take Imodium but I want something to control my nerves so I don't have to resort to those measures x


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