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Feel sick

So I worry all the time, and I feel sick, could I be doing this to myself ? Could my health anxiety be taking over , every minute of the day, I feel like crying, I don't ,because I don't want to upset my family  it can't be good to bottle all this worry up inside, I feel soooo fake , I'm carrying on with normal daily life, but deep down I'm crumbling, I think the future holds doom and gloom, I have these relapses I've had a lot of good days recently, then wham ! Something sets it all off again, its like a never ending circle, and my poor hubby and kids are in the middle, just want to feel like me again😕

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Ugh I'm in the same boat. I get depressed after all the good days turn bad. Yeah I feel sick a lot too, like I have the flu, it sucks. I keep thinking something is wrong 


I'm sorry Vgrady. that has been my life for so long that it's almost become a

norm for me.  Not that I like it, but I don't know any other way anymore.

I feel for you, it's cruel what anxiety does to not only us but our family and

friends.  Are you in therapy?  There are many avenues you can take to stop

the roller coaster effect with anxiety.  Reach out to this community, you will

get a lot of ways to cope.  wishing you well.


Thanks.......I'm not in therapy at the moment my doctor has offered it a couple of times but I've always refused, but when I go to see him next I'm going to defo accept it........I think I need to talk it out with a professional.!


Vgrady, glad to hear you are ready to accept some therapy.  There comes a time when either medication or therapy is warranted.  Not forever, just until you get stabilized.  I wish you well.  x

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