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Stomach pain

Hello again, hope everyones ok, so last couple days my lower abdomen has bin sensitive like you have holded a wee for so long and it hurts to push in it just feels like that and its not hurting but its concerning and also ive bin having really sharp stomach pains now and them which tend to go when i fart the pain also sometimes send shooting pains up my rectum it doesnt hurt to go toilet at all andthis morning woke up with strong pains but they went soon as i went to toilet but i have diarrhea just curious to what it is as obviously if ya know me im assuming the worse:/ 

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Smiley faces are not working on here at the moment have you noticed ?

From what you have described it sounds like a simple stomach upset and I would watch my diet for a few days keeping it bland and get plenty of fluids , I know anxiety always wants to tell us it is life threatening which if you have an upset stomach will just make it worse but anxiety is always wrong so try and see it for what it is an upset stomach 

If in a few days it does not correct itself then speak with your Doctor but I think it will especially if you can try and relax :-)

Hope you feel better soon :-)

Take Care x

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