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Needle phobia


I suffer from a needle phobia. Sometimes I'm ok but I often have a vasovagal reaction, including convulsions. Sometimes I vomit or have a panic attack. After years of ignoring my fear and avoiding needles I now have to face it as I am starting fertility treatments. I am looking for some advice on what to do. All I hear is 'get over it' which is unbelievably unhelpful. Has anyone tried anything that helped?

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First good luck with the treatment and do come back when it has been successful , will keep fingers crossed for you :-)

A needle phobia is very common and not helpful when people say get over it !

Personally I am not quiet as bad as you but still I do not like them 

I always look away and I wondered if you had one of those music things that you put in your ears not sure of what they call them lol but if you had that playing and looked away might help , I suppose I am thinking down the distraction route 

I would also try and think of the positive why I am putting myself through this and focus on the end goal which can sometimes help 

Nowadays nurses and doctors are used to people having phobias and I would let them know I had one as they usually will try and make it less of a fear and support us or I hope they would 

Hope you get some good tips from others as they read your post :-)

Take Care x 

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