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Sore throat

I had a cold a couple of weeks ago which was really bad and even though I don't have the cold any more my throat still hurts a bit when I swallow on the left hand side, I was watching Gp's under closed doors the other day and this mans throat was hurting as well on one side and he had throat cancer and now I am really paranoid except for he was much older than me, I am only 25!!

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There you go you answered your question he was a lot older than you and when we get older there is always more risk than when we are younger :-)

I watch that program to and after wonder why when I tend to have a tendency to have Health anxiety do I sit and watch a program full of health issues !  

Sometimes when we have had a bad cold sore throats can come and go after but to make sure you have no infection that may need some antibiotics go and let your Doctor have a quick look they can reassure you at the same time :-)

Take Care x


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