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How much can you really take?

Hi everyone, this all started for me over 3 months ago. Never really had any problems, one day out of the blue my heart was racing felt like I was going to pass out. I immediately went to the ER where they said you had a panic attack. I was terrified because obviously like everyone else I felt like I was going to die. I still wasn't completely convinced so I went for a second opinion got blood work done urine taken EKG chest X-ray & of course they didn't find anything. I was honestly hoping they would find something because the way I felt just wasn't normal in my opinion. You start convincing yourself you have cancer. This isn't a life to live for anyone. I was prescribed celexa but haven't taken them yet. Has anyone took this particular medication? Reviews please & if you experienced any weird side affects.

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Doctors are so quick to medicate. Medication is only a band aid. You need to find the root of your panic attacks and why they are happening. Go to your GP and get them to recommend a psychologist or councillor. You need to focus on the issue. It takes time and I have had numerous panic attacks so bad I went the the ED umpteen times to be told there is nothing wrong. Had numerous tests and bloods and nothing wrong. Yet I feel so bad. I now reassure myself I'm fine and so far I have had nearly 5 days which haven't been to bad with only one panic attack and some anxiety. This is great for me as I have been suffering now for 10 months which seems like a lifetime for me. I'm still here and now I understand it a lot better since seeing a psychologist as well as the support of the fantastic people on here. Keep telling yourself you are fine there is nothing wrong, lay down and listen to some calming music and do your breathing every time it happens. After a while it will get less and less severe. Hope that makes sense :)

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Hello, all the things you described I have also felt countless times. In fact I'm going through a bad attack right now which is why I am on the site trying to find comfort and support. I've gone through the tests as well over and over. A few years ago I was prescribed Celexa. I was suffering from PTSD and grief and severe anxiety, but I wouldn't say I was necessarily depressed. I believe Celexa is more for depression but I'm not a doctor. I took it anyway because I was desperate for help. It was a horrific experience for me. I felt worse anxiety and somewhat suicidal, but it was involuntary so I'm grateful I could reason with myself that I didn't want to hurt myself. What I've learned is we are all wired differently and the drugs prescribed for mental health belong to different categories for different effects on the brain. So, the celexa was horrible for me but could work for you. I would just say to try and talk yourself through your attacks. Call a friend. Pets can bring comfort. Take a walk. Breathing exercises can help. There are so many YouTube videos with meditation, stress relieving stretches and yoga as well. I would suggest xanax or klonopin for relief with meds. I try to remember when I'm feeling this way that I've felt this way so many times before and made it through and will make it through again. You can do it! You are not alone.


You had a classic panic attack. I took Celexa for - - -get this! - - -15 years! I don't need it anymore. For me, it was a lifesaving drug. It stopped the panic attacks. Panic attacks come from an imbalance in brain chemicals, and Celexa is an SSRI. It rebalances the chemicals. If Celexa doesn't work for you (It takes a few weeks to get the full effect, so give it time), there are other SSRIs you can try. It might make you sleepy at first, but that passes. Good luck!


Thanks everyone. I've been talking myself out of my panic attacks. If I start feeling one come on I tell myself to ignore it & move on. I normally always feel the anxiety at work. Never fails feel it almost everyday or I can be fine & it starts randomly. I just started there around 3 months ago & I feel this all started at that point. I'm trying to move on from there because I 100% feel it's causing the anxiety & panic attacks. I know everyone has stress at their job, but this job tops the cake. Some days are good & some days are just bad. Feeing like this takes an emotional toll on you. It definitely makes you depressed I try really hard to pull myself out of it. & was avoiding taking the medication obviously if I continue to feel like this then I will give celexa a try. I hope everyone had a good day. 😊


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