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Worrying at the moment

Im doing a very basic counselling course and this involves weekly training sessions. At my last session our lecturer said that I was avoiding and controlling, and said this in different ways throughout the session. Ever since then I've been in turmoil.

I recognise what was said, although the lecturer said I couldnt see it, and I did not want to say why I might have been feeling that way. I was protecting myself emotionally.

The problem is that Im always doing it and dont know how to resolve it. I know why I do it, but not how to stop.

Im trying to get counselling support but this is taking time.

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I am glad you are trying to get Counselling and don't give up trying in the meantime sometimes honesty can be the best policy as we say and wondered if asking your Lecturer if you could have a talk with them and explain your issues to them could help ?

If after they do not take this into account it should still go in your favor if needed at a later date as it will be seen that you did try and explain you have got problems but they did not take this into account but hopefully once you have spoken with them they will :-)

Take Care x


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