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light period for 2 months in a row

I have been under stress for a very long time since I had my first sexual experience (January 8th 2016). There was no penetration however his penis only touched my vaginal opening for a few seconds (He wasnt wearing any protection either i know its stupid). Ever since that happened, I have been experiencing light and short period ( 1 day of somewhat heavy bleeding with clots sorry TMI, 2nd day it becomes lighter, then it ends with light pink and red spotting for several days). My first month of light period was a week earlier while the second month was 5 days late from my expected period. I have taken types of precautions. I took over 20 hpts and it all came back negative AND even went to my doctor to ask for a urine test twice which came back negative. I have also gotten blood test 3 times already which came back <2 hcg / negative. With all these negative results, i feel like i could still be pregnant because I have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms such as motion sickness/dizziness, bloating, and heartburn. I am so frustrated and stressed out because of this. My period has always been heavy. Please help me. With all the negative results, does it really mean pregnancy can be ruled out completely? I feel like this is affecting my life so much. I cry and get depressed almost like everyday. My doctor tells me that not all period are going to be the same and that I had my period so it means im not pregnant. However right now I feel like everything is possible, Ive been thinking that this could have been implantation bleeding or cryptic pregnancy, every possible scenarios i can think of. What should i do? i WANTEd to get ultrasound just to completely allay my worries but they wont let me because i have negative results.

Could this all be in my head? I really want to move on so bad.

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You are nit pregnant so do not worry and good luck


Hey I would love to talk to you?! I'm praying you're still on this newsfeed and will see this because I have the same situation... almost. I lost my virginity on January 6, 2017 and I've gotten 3 periods since then but just different than usual they're how you described yours! I've had 5 negative pregnancy test. I still some how think I'm pregnant! Were you actually pregnant?


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