Upset :(

The guy I like has moved on I keep telling myself I'm happy for him an I truely am it's just I really like him and I can't stop thinking about him and every time i do I just get upset, like it was my fault nothing happened between us because I was so insecure, but atleast one of us is happy, maybe I will get over it but I just wish I didn't push him away I miss him, and hate the fact he could be kissing another girl, can anyone give me advice?


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  • It's one of the hardest hurts to go through because it comes from the heart. You are the better person because even though he moved on you still wish him well. Liking/loving someone is a two way street. Try not to hurt yourself any more by thinking about him with another girl. Your prince will come. Be patient..

  • I Evan said to him I'm happy for him, but I just want him back I feel horrible the lump in my throats back and my hearts pounding, I feel so bad and breathless, i just wish I could let go but I can't :,(

  • I know, I understand. I've been there myself many years ago. I lived and breathed this man. I thought we would be together for the rest of our lives. As much as I loved, when he left, I made a promise to myself that I would never chase after someone who didn't love me back. Oh the anxiety got bad with all the symptoms you are feeling and more. I was even hospitalized. Nothing helped because I wanted what I couldn't have any longer. The tears I cried could fill buckets until one day I realized that no one is worth my health. You may need some medication to help you through the loss or some therapy.

    I know how much it hurts. I'll keep you in my thoughts. xx

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