Will things really get better someday?

This is what everyone or every advice that I came across that things will get better someday. But realistically, I am not so sure. Sometimes, I don't really see the positive in things after you gave all your efforts that seems pointless eventually. So, I'm fighting everyday with these endless worries because I want to see if things will really get better..someday.


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  • Just try get out and do things, try it for one day, ignore the anxiety and let it do what it wants, if it wants to bring to the point U end up in hosp then fine. Have that conversation with your anxiety, spend the day doing stuff you would never do and you just might suprise yourself, keep doing that each and every day, worth a try it's what I do. I have been awake all night with severe tinnitus driving me nuts

  • Thank you. I am trying now. I am taking a new challenge this year but of course there are things that keep bothering you and questioning yourself. I guess I just have to keep my faith, always, in order to keep moving forward.

    On the other hand, I hope you find your pain relief for the tinnitus. I never have one before I did have ear pain once and it was excruciating until I had to take painkillers for that.

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