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Anxiety and late period

In Jan, my period was 2 weeks late. I was due to start Feb 26th, but it has skipped. Since the 26th, because of the previous month, I had started to immediately panicked. It has been consuming me since (8 days now). My boyfriend and I were active on Jan 30, Feb 5 and Feb 17. I cannot stop panicking. We used condoms AND he pulled out. I've spoken to a sex hotline (one for questions regarding things like this) and was told that any genital contact can cause pregnancy. He's good about checking condoms and we will not do anything without a condom being in place. Is this excess anxiety causing my period to delay... Again? Today, I had light bleeding after just one wipe and that's it. What should I think??? What should I do?? I do not recall any stressors during ovulation.

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