Ok people help?

So today I was at my parteners relatives house, I was sat there at the table just simply talking. Next minute my heart was pounding!!! I then couldn't breath. I was shaking and I came over all dizzy. I haven't managed to settle myself since the afternoon it's now 1am and I'm here highly aware of my body and worrying sick that there is something seriously medically wrong with me?


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  • Sounds like anxiety :-/ breathe through it, face it, drink some water, you will get through it :-) There's a longggggg list of anxiety symptoms, don't let it worry you.

  • I suffer from the same problems, it's a viscous cycle that will keep repeating itself if you feed it. You worry that it will happen again and it does it's called stair stepping. There's a great chance that there's nothing wrong with you but to ease your mind you should go get a good physical with blood work, and that will ease your mind after the results come back that you're ok. Hope this helps I deal with PTSD after losing my eyesight in my right eye and both parents all within a month.

  • I agree that you should go and get a complete physical blood work etc. It does sound like panic attack. Practice taking long deep breaths and letting them out slowly try to remain not tensed while breathing. I am so sorry for the loss of your Parent's and the loss of eyesight in your right eye. That's horrible. My thoughts are with everyone on this Anxiety Support Forum.

  • Hey thank you I had an overall blood test about 11months ago, that came back as normal. Would anything have changed In such a short time? I've also had an Ecg which was normal. So sorry to hear about your parents and eyesight. I hope you are doing okay :)

  • You may have thought that you were simply sitting at the table talking but your mind was doing something else. It was sabotaging you with scary symptoms. I'm sure there isn't anything medically wrong but a bad panic attack. Hope by now, you have settled down. x

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