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Resting pulse higher than normal

I just checked my pulse. I've been driving and sitting for like an hour. It's 84. My normal resting pulse is around 68 or 70. My mom stressed me out bad earlier. I also got home from the gym around 6

I don't think it should be that high. It still is in normal range but my body has been dealing with ptsd and other issues for a while. Should I be worried or does this happen to other people too?

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Try not to worry Katie. It will come down in it's own time. I care xx


I'd kill for 84, when I get anxious I'm at like 100-120. Some people hit 150. Don't worry about it, anything between 60-100 is technically normal, and I'm sure yours will come down, and even If it doesn't 84 is pretty good for being stressed


think of it just as 14 above normal :) that's a pulse that's nothing to worry about, especially after working out. Just an FYI naturally your heart rate is faster after a tough workout sometimes it's faster for a day or two... how ever long it takes for your muscles to be less sore etc. No worries, but worrying will help keep it elevated and will even make it go higher than 84 if you dwell on it


Having someone stress you out is more likely the culprit ...check your blood pressure. When I'm stressed mine goes high....when I go to dr. It really goes up and sometimes that can be the cause. Do some easy breathing, stay off caffeine and sugars and see if it goes down, That isn't really that high. Don't worry.

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