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Hi all

Does anybody find that caffine makes there aniexty worse. I'm kind of hooked on red bull and starbuks. I find the need to have a red bull 1st thing in the morning then a starbucks at 11. I'm in pain with a sore back, stomach, and collar bone pain like a dull ache. Had chest xrays and bloods took all clear. Can anyone offer adbice please. I'm also slightly addicted to nurofren and ibropruem tablets.



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hi Micheal come of the red bull, there is something in it that make you feel worse, i black out after drinking just one can of redbull but i'm diabetic and allergic to sugar which the has a lot of hope this help take care Alan


I'm afraid that the Red Bull and Starbucks are stimulants which does make the anxiety worse. Caffeine puts you over the top when your body is already struggling with high levels of adrenaline. As for being slightly addicted to nurofren and ibropruem tablets, that would be best resolved by your doctor. I do know that taking pain relievers too often does cause rebound pain. Wish you well on that. Depending how long you have been drinking Red Bull and coffee you may get some withdrawal from that as well.

Wish you well.


I can only imagine turning into the anxious Tasmanian devil if I were to drink red bull!! Lol I was a coffee drinker, but I noticed it gives me anxiety and makes me feel anxious, so I only drink 2-5 sips per day, I enjoy coffee so that's my compromise. :-)


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