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Anxiety ..advice on having thoughts like health anxiety


Anyone know how to calm yourself when you have thoughts because of health anxiety ? like I couldn't take the nap I wanted not only because of my annoying roommates but mostly because of my health anxiety . After I felt whatever sensation was in the back of my neck/head area , I've had panic attacks. I know there's techniques I could do to relax & think positively & not go off on every little thing . Where are those videos or books that I could use ?🙊😕 like I honestly think some of the sensations I feel are because of my sinuses but my anxiety makes me think more. After my sensations & ear & back of head pressure, my ears feel stuffy & I feel a tiny bit of mucus in my throat . So , yeah I may not have to go to the clinic but I'm definitely going to ask my dr. If anyone knows techniques on how to think positive or if anyone doesn't have health anxiety anymore , share lol ? I wanna know the secrets . This is an annoyance .

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If you google, don't do it. There's apps on your phone you can download, you tube anxiety and there's things on there. Do breathing excersizes, take time out, relax, even if it's just a nice warm bath. Take your mind off things, read or play a game, whatever your into really x


Yeah , sometimes I sink into the anxiety because I used to distract myself .....& that's how I got my anxiety this calm over the years thus far ..I gotta get more into it . I should sketch more & read, along with the meditating & reading


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