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Anxiety & sleep


Anyone have irritation sensations in the back of their head or neck when trying to sleep. I'm trying to at least take a nap at this point but these sensations have me worried. I don't want to feel like I have to run to the clinic with every little thing. I'm laying down comfortably , trying to nap , after being interrupted by roommates coming in & out or around my room . So I put on my relaxation tape & relax then I find myself anxious , wanting to calm down . I already feel some palps then I felt this anxious pulsating sensation on the left side , back of my head ..around the base of neck. It of course had me anxious , now I'm afraid to take a nap & want to go to clinic . Advice. Anyone else have these sensations? & this is not that far after my neck gave me issues & now I have a neck sprain lol . I was in such a comfy position earlier . I drank some cherry juice that seems to relax me. Oh & to correct my first sentence , I meant to say irritable . Lol

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I also have weird sensations in both the lower back of my head and neck. I attribute this to the tightened muscles from an anxious day. I use a kawasocki buckwheat pillow so that I can adjust it to cradle my head and neck. I then listen to my relaxation tapes

as you do. The only difference is that I don't have anyone coming in and out of the room. I keep the room cool, dark and quiet.


That's exactly what it feels like . I feel all this tension in the back of my neck & head. Like I also feel tingly sensations on part of my scalp too ..prickly 🤔. I think me getting a neck pillow like yours would be helpful lol & I should get a lock for my room . I think I've been a tad too nice by putting other ppl's stuff in my room. I should create space in their room or hallways lol de-clutter the place

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It's okay to do whatever is necessary for your comfort. The problem

with anxiety is that we're too nice and forget that we owe something to ourselves as well. I'm glad you are thinking of ways to get the space you need to totally relax. My best to you x

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