Tell me about your heart anxiety

I want to know what it feels like for other people!

Mine feels like I pulled a muscle in the middle of my chest and it hurts to push or take deep breaths. It can be long lasting, not resolving for a day or two. I also count my pulse obsessively because it's pretty high when I stand up (70s to 130ish) but luckily settles down to 90-100. Weird huh. I had an ekg and X-ray which were neg so hopefully it's nothing.

Anyway I'd like to hear how other people feel who have chest pain/heart sensations. Are they chronic? Episodic? pain pressure? Has anyone actually had real heart problems?

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  • Since you had an EKG and X-ray which proved negative, you may be feeling what is a muscle in the middle of your chest. There is something called costochondritis which is an inflammation of the nerves between the ribs of your chest. When those get

    inflamed it would cause pain when you push on it as well as taking deep breathes.

    As for the heart rate, I would think it's your anxiety causing it to rise and stay that way for a little while. I have real heart problems, both Mitral Valve Prolapse and A-Fib.

    Neither one causes the pain you are explaining. I am on heart medication and am doing very well. My costochondritis however along with my Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition and causes the pain you are describing. I hope this will help alleviate some of your anxiety. Take care.

  • Thanks for your reply! Glad to hear you are doing well. Heart related symptoms suck

  • I have the same problem past couple of days with my heart. I have panic attacks severe anxiety and Clinical depression.My husband died in October and my anxiety is through the roof. So thank you for the information on the heart pain

  • My sincere condolence to you...

  • if your chest hurts when you press on your rib cage, especially down by the heart, its not your heart. Ive had PVCs, and PACs and Tachycardia. Been tested multiple times. Nothing serious. Its bothered me 32 years and Im 57. It still bothers me almost daily. It feels like a bird is fluttering around in there. My best advice, if you have all the tests and your OK, counseling for cardiac neurosis couldn't hurt, counseling in general couldn't hurt. Get hobbies to keep mind and hands busy. I have done coloring with colored pencils for 5 years, helps through the worst times. I do jewelry making, painting.... keep busy.

  • It kind of switches around. Right now it feels like kind of a squeeze/tightness on my left side. It mostly got worse after a big panic attack I had, so I'm thinking its panic attack hangover but it still makes me nervous. You have good advice, I've gotta get my mind off of it somehow, heart symptoms are annoying as hell.

  • I feel my heart beating. It's terrible! When I'm driving, it's like I'm going to some terrible place I dread. Feels like my heart is beating out of my chest. I have an oximeter, I put on my finger.

    When I feel this way my pulse isnt even fast! My blood pressure isn't high either.

    It's so strange!

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Ugh I know right? Everything is so strange, I wish we could just get physiological explanations for everything we feel

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