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Hello I am Gil, I'm 38 yrs old and have GAD and PTSD. I have had a tough time with anxiety I often obsess about my heart rate and or blood pressure checking if really often and panicking when it is elevated. Luckily I have not been doing this that much, but it does not take much to get it going again. I have had numerous medical test done and all comes back great. I think this stems from my brother dying of a aortic dissection in 04. I hope to help in some way on here, take care (tips hat)

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Hi Gil, welcome to this site, lovely that you've found us. Sorry to hear you lost your brother. I hope you find some solicce in this site xx


Hi Gil, I'm so sorry at the passing of your brother. Yes, I do believe that the circumstances surrounding your brother's death might have pushed the anxiety to it's heightened awareness. At one time, I was obsessed with my heart rate as well. I even had a Casio watch that took not only my heart rate but my blood pressure. I wished they still made that watch. Even my doctors like it. I still take my b/p whenever I feel a need to which shows the heart rate as well. I use it more as a test as to how I am feeling and the numbers it shows. Most of the time my anxiety symptoms have nothing to do with the b/p. I too suffer from GAD as well as free floating anxiety. Having a forum like this really helps get through the tough times. I wish you well..


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