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Don't know what to do


I Really don’t feel like myself lately in recent years I have become painfully shy and get extremely nervous when talking to people even people I know, I find myself overthinking and panicking which causes me to go bright red in the face and get rashes all over my neck and sometimes my cheeks. I have put up with this for a number of years but I am now finding it extremely hard at uni as I have not made any friends and feel so lonely. I really want to make friends but I always feel like I have nothing to talk about with people and that they wont want to talk to me anyway. I am not one to complain and would normally just get on with it but I feel like this is having a huge impact on my life and that I can’t enjoy it. I have lost all motivation to do anything and have been missing most of my lectures, I don’t have anyone to talk to about it as I always come across happy to my flat mates and friends from home which makes it harder for me to let them know I’m really struggling. I feel like I really need help but I don't know what or where to get it

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Tell your friends how u are feeling. U may be surprised to find some of them have been through something similar. They cant help u if they dont know there is a problem. It takes a strong person to ask for help just remember that.

I agree with the 1st answer. To add to that, I will say that the easiest way to talk to someone else is to show an interest in them. Ask them how they're doing, what did they do last night, what is their favorite movie, subject, book, class, whatever. Usually you can get a conversation going that way. Then be a good listener.

I also think it's time to take this problem to your Dr. and tell your story. Is there any help on campus? You sound depressed and have some anxiety. It's rare to have one without the other. It may be time to go on some medicine for just awhile. If going to the Dr. makes you nervous, write down your symptoms and present your list to him or her. That way you won't leave any out and you can relax about remembering and saying all of them.

I wish you good luck and will have you in my thoughts and prayers that you'll be feeling much better soon.

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