It seems as though I am jealous of others who don't deal with anxiety. Also because I feel so bad I haven't been able to lose weight and exercise regularly. I see fit beautiful people and want to be more like them. All I can manage is to go to work and physical therapy and dr appts but have no energy for anything else. I also am envious of people who can relax. Here it's a weekend that I don't have to work and just want to relax, feel ok, and maybe have fun. Like other people 😥. I try to be content with the way I am but it's just not me and I want to be a better me!!! It's not just anxiety. It's also pain and depression. I also get very jealous when there are beautiful women on tv. Maybe my boyfriend would rather look at them than my flabby chubby self.

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  • I don't know if this is a female thing. Insecure female thing or an anxiety thing but I am so not far different from you. Jealous of people who don't suffer....MASSIVE YES!

    I LOVE to run. I have a place in this year's London marathon I was sooooo excited when it came through the door I was bouncing around like a spring for days I haven't run since a week after that day. It was my stress relief and it was amazing at it. I pounced those pavements good. I had a lot of training to do and I knew it but I was up for it. I can't do it I don't know if it's the depression or anxiety or just me but I can't run. I just about manage to do what I have to in life. Just about 5-6 weeks ago I couldn't even do that. This year I will have to defer my place I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it yet. So exercise....hell yes I get you. You're not alone xx

  • I used to be fit I danced ten years and exercised! I was always active. I try now but then get scared I'll have heart palpitations or other health issues plus I'm too tired to get out of bed early enough before work to exercise and just drained after😥 Even just walking seems too much

  • I think anxiety is draining without anything else on top so for those who are able to workout or anything else I think it's wonderful and really pat them on the back for it but for me I've not yet found the way to do that. I'm sure I will as will you though. Having a new job will be tiring as you are always learning as well. How is your job going? Xx

  • It is ok just lots to learn so I'm overwhelmed

  • Hi love yourself beauty is skin deep you are beautiful we all come in different forms xxx

  • Hello, how you tonight?

  • Hi jill im good are u im babysitting my grandson tonight hes just fell asleep so im gonna watch casualty just scoffed my choc yet again xxx

  • Yes I'm fine too thanks was at yoga again this morning, and booked in for 2 Monday night - only because my pass expires Monday! I'm doing body balance and yoga again! 😊

    What chocolate you had tonight? Ive just had a twirl! 😆

  • You go girl frys chocolate cream its a childhood memory that one haha xxx

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