Wierd sensations?

Getting a bit fed up now :(, my anxiety has got so much better physically and mentally but I'm just getting annoyed with these weird sensations/pains can be all over my upper body back arms chest etc almost like jittering, I cant explain them but they don't feel nice! Jut wierd sensations and vibrations also twitching does anyone experience this? I will be so much better when these go xx

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  • Hi Pink Cookie

    I was so grateful that you described this/these sensation(s). I have the same but I have always said the sensation feels like trembling or quivering on the inside of my body, i.e. you would not know it to look at me. I have been learning to live with it for about a year and it comes and goes but, oh, how I wish it would go away. Good luck to you. xx

  • That's how I feel! Everyone thinks I'm bad when I say my body's shaking because when you look at me I'm not! Have you ever had it looked at? Is it just anxiety? Thankyou and you xx

  • Thanks for responding. As for having it looked at, I told my GP and he said it was anxiety. And that was that. I wasn't offered anything to help me. I don't think, in all honesty, that the medical profession in general knows how to advise people in our position. If it's not killing you and not leading to clinical depression then they're not too worried. Sometimes deep breathing exercises help - but not always. Hope you have some good days. xx

  • Thankyou, glad to know its not just me! No I know its bad :/! Thankyou and you xx

  • Hi pinkCookie glad to hear you so much better in lots of othrr ways-have meds helped you to get to this stage-I get that jitteriness more in mornings-I also get the sensation that my voice will shake when I speak but it usually doesnt-take care x

  • Thankyou, urm I did take some bit cant tell if they helped but I just had enough of sitting around feeling anxious so I went out whenever I wanted to and felt so much better I've just left it stop controlling me however uncomfortable! Thankyou and you xx

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