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jaw pain

so today was a not to bad day but here comes the afternoon and anxiety is happening.

I feel incredible jaw pain like even when I smile it feels forced... my shoulders and neck is burning from muscle pain and now I feel some pains in my left hand like short dull stabbing pains. I never feel pain in my hands so this is quite alarming and now the thought of it is making it worse!!!

Oh how I just want to make myself numb just not to feel these overwhelming pains that I know my mind is amplifying 100000000 times more.

For years I have been dealing with this when will my mind believe its anxiety and not a heart attack or something else terrible wrong.

I know everything about anxiety my goodness I can probably wright a book about it but still I cant seem to set my mind at ease when this happens.

I also know that fear fuels anxiety so I guess I am a very good feeder of anxiety sadly I feel that way..

all around my chest and shoulders I just feel pain pain pain!

I smile at my colleagues, joke and play but deep inside me I feel like there is a war in my body

God in You I trust!!

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hi iv been having the same thing. i went to the doctors again and again and they just kept blaming it on anxiety. i know im very anxious but i knew it wasnt that. i had fluid behind my eardrum which radiates pain down my jaw. this was going on for months and also i had tmj. tempormandibulae jaw disfunction? do you clench your teeth alot if your anxious or grind them at night, do you hear popping or clicking in your jaw . many people get this. look on the i yernet and you see the pain it causes. jaw pain, shoulder pain, pain down the arm. its all linksd with the muscles in your jaw all the way down. its amazing . i would t worry to much


I might be grinding on my teeth without even noticing when I get anxious at work but not a definite yes I do. When we get anxious I know we tend to freeze up so our bodies tens up. I am much calmer now after just getting home and seeing my 2 gorgeous baby girls.

Thanks for the reply always helps when you get a response back.

God bless


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