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Managed to eat and drink

Cheese, Croquettes and cake feeling much better still coughing but that's to be expected after 40 odd years smoking rollies and then stopping.

My son and I are also getting on much better. We both like our own space He lives in Bedroom and I stay in Living room on settee. Since getting this Achalasia I must sleep sitting up or I could drown in my own bodily fluids so its easier.

Happy days all round for now. Hope you all are feeling ok as well and will get back to you to give encouragement just in case your not. ☺☺☺.

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Really pleased to read your post that you have managed to eat -)

This alone will help and I think we all need are own space I know I do so it is good that between you and your Son you have worked out what gives you this , all sounds good :-)

Take Care x

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Hello, glad you've eaten today. How you tonight?


Felling better slight pain in my esophagus and hip playing up because I have hardly moved these past few weeks but glad I can get water down easily again because I really, really hate hospitals .

Hows your day sundays I find drags but good TV .


I'm ok thanks just watching the big bang theory in bed, always makes me laugh! 😃

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Good yea that Sheldon funny guy. Sleep weel night. ☺


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