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Inspiration Of The Day!

Hi everyone. One key element to my recovery from anxiety was that I started to turn my attention to my outside world, and less on my checking in and my inner world. Checking in as in seeing if symptoms of anxiety were present or not, seeing if that new technique was working or not. We all recover at different speeds, but it's important to find something such as photography that will interest you, and take you out of focusing in on me me me. With interest comes confidence, with confidence comes disinterest in your anxiety. Big love from The Anxiety Guy :)

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That's sooooo true. Problem is, my "checking in" starts from the moment I wake up. In other words, I'm on auto-pilot and struggling to break the habit.


Sounds like my daily life for 6 years before desensitizing myself..


Six years? 😨Am sorry to read that. Admittedly, I've been struggling for a long time too. Just didn't know how bad things really were until I got diagnosed. To some extent, it was a relief.

A couple of weeks ago, my entire body shook, including having chattering teeth. It was horrendous. Fighting anxiety, depression and chronic pain is sincerely a tough battle, especially when doing it mostly alone. This why I soooo appreciate your positive and uplifting posts. Thank you! ☺


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