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Can anyone relate?!


Okay so it's been a while since my last post and since then i have moved to Dubai with work thinking it will be a fresh start, anxiety free, turning 30 (jan) and all will be well... how wrong.

I don't know how to explain, my chest/heart area feels numb. not emotionally (well a bit) but more pysically like my heart rate goes up then down really quickly whilst I'm just sat there.

I really feel I'm dying. I just feel so out of control on my own body.

I'e been getting tingling at the top of my head as well as trembling and shaking in my upper body including arms- is this a bad sign?

Feeling as if I'm going to cut out/black out any day now.

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are you ok now?

Go try to find some activities, go somewhere far, make new friends so that you will not always thought of your condition. Try to free your mind. Maybe because you were always thinking of it that's why you think its getting worst. You should relax and enjoy each moment. I am also here in Dubai if you need anyone to just chill out.

When i overthink and then everything seems uncontrollable then i start thinking also that something with me is not right. I palpitate, i tremble and just feeling sick. But i think it is only because i feel so stressed.

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