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Feel drunk constantly

Hello. Thought I would post on the topic that everyone doesn't really have an answer to. I know people are going through the same thing and might have an answer. My story started 8 months ago. Randomly started feeling drunk at the gym and went to the doctor. Within the 8 months I have literally been to the ER 15 times and the have been tested for everything with my doctor. I'm a completely healthy 25 year old according to these doctors, but I feel like I'm losing control of myself. I'm scared to sleep! Sleep is supposed to be natural and nourishing, but I am scared of being in a comatised state. I've never been scared of anything until I've felt the drunkness. I was in the military for 4 years and worked hard. Now it feels like I cant hold a job even if I wanted to. I also get shaky and super nervous around people in college in speech class. I've never been that way before. If anyone has an answer I would greatly appreciate it.


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