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Needing some reassuring words!

Been feeling really anxious/down/like I'm not myself recently and like I'm going crazy. I haven't felt excited or happy about much and I've just been a horrible person to be around. I want that excited happy feeling back and I don't feel like I'm ever going to get there! When will this end! It's so tiring having anxiety. I was doing a clients hair at work and I just felt hot and dizzy for no reason!! I had nothing to be anxious about and it frustrates me so much that I feel like this for no reason. I want to start feeling better!!!!

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Hi I get spells of anxiety then they ease off after a week.. Is it time of month? I'm at my worse a few days before my period.. I feel really flat... Try watching funny film or book.. I know it's difficult to get out that zone x


Totally understand the frustration. The good news is is that your very likely quite sane and not going crazy :) anxiety can make it feel like you are. (I've had several panic attacks that resulted in me thinking I would have to go to a mental hospital) the best advise I can give is figure out the reasons why you make get anxiety. For some people it's injuries, emotional trauma, medication side effects, chemical imbalance in the brain or hormone imbalance. For me personally it was caused by having low testosterone and then having a really bad reaction to adderall (stimulant medication for adhd) also try to do your best to not focus on the problem too much. The more you think and obsesse over it the worse it can get. It's a vicious cycle. When you fear anxiety it makes it more likely to happen and worse once it does.


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