Psychosis assesment

Hello every one

I went to see a depresstion and anxiety counciler the other week and explained how I feel.

As I told him I some times feel trapped like a lion in a cage paceing up and down. I was talking in a metifor The counciler took it I thought was a lion trapped in a cage and sent me to the local hospital for a psychiatric assessment . The psychiatric nurse I seen understood what I meant and said there is not a problem. Has any body out there ever spent time in a psychiatric unit and what is it like as it really scares me to be hospitalised as I would feel really trapped I live in the uk and just wonderd if I'm frightening my self for nothing. I also get anxiety attacks that they have not belived me and are going to come to my home and put me in hospital.

Sorry to bring people down with this question but I'm so frightened and just need to talk.

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  • Thats sometimes what I feel like and I have actually been called a psycho because no body understood how I felt

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