Citalopram - How long before it works?

Hi guys. I've been taking citalopram for anxiety for 6 weeks now (10mg for the first 4 weeks and upped to 20mg for the last 2). I wondered how long it takes for any noticeable positive effects? I haven't had any major side effects bar the stomach churning but I haven't noticed any change in my levels of anxiety. In fact I'm either zombie-like or my anxiety is fairly high. I'm obviously going to stick it out but I wondered how long it takes to kick in? Thanks.

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  • Hi. Chopper. Should have kicked in by now. You should go back to your GP as you may need a different sort of tab or a heavier dose. Only your GP can decide that. Is it just for anxiety or depression or both? I took these for a while some time ago but the side effects were too much. Managed without them after but I am not suggesting you do the same. Let us know how you get on. Regards. jontahn.

  • New member on site. jontahn!!! Sorry. jonathan.

  • hi, they say 3/4 weeks....but you,ve only been on 20mg for two weeks......i would give it another two....but thats just me.....I was on them for 10+years. Initially citalopram then e-citalopram (mirror drug????) anyway they helped but took time as they give you breathing space and that hopefully allows your thinking to change

  • Hi there, I was in the same boat as you at 6 weeks and was desperate for it to kick in. I was on for depression and anxiety. Personally I didn't find it helpful for the anxiety but at the time my depression was worse. For any positive effect I was well into my 9th week. I am so sorry that you're struggling, Like Jonathan I would say go back to your GP.

    I don't know what your symptoms are but my GP was fantastic and gave me meds specifically to combat my biggest problem which was rushing thoughts which would keep me awake.

    After my depression passed I stayed on it for a while and it probably did help with the anxiety at that point, I went up to 40mg at my highest point.

    Good luck xx

  • Hi all. Thanks for the great replies. I am on Cital for anxiety and panic attacks, although oddly since I have been on them I feel more mobid and weird than normal, which I wasn't really getting before. I am not sure Cital is for me. I feel more edgey since I have been on them. I am seeing the doc tomorrow so will discuss it then. I also get racing thoughts, which do my head in (literally!) :) Thanks again for the postive vibes.

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