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I'm worried abit cause everyone on here worrys they don't get enough sleep and I get to much I think I can sleep up to 10/11 hours every night if I don't set my alarm and I wasn't usual like that when I had my job and before I had my job but I do go sleep at like 2 half 2 and I've bin setting my alarm for 10 but I'll wake up at 6 with toothache which I take paracetamol and goes in a hour and back to sleep and set my alarm for 11 but I find when I wake up that can sleep a lot longer and it worries me that I have a illness that's causes me to sleep more I'm fine during the day hence why I'm up till 2 in morning just so confused as worried:/ hope everybody else is having a nice Friday!!

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I sleep 8-11 hours a night as well. I love

sleeping, and nothing can wake me up. I set 5 alarms for work. I'm cranky if I don't get at least 8 hours. I've always slept this much though, since I was a kid. I think anxiety just wears me out, and that's how my body gets restored. I really wouldn't say that there is anything medically wrong, but I am not a doctor. I've had every possible test done, from blood work to brain scans. I am completely healthy, I just like my sleep. I also suffer from depression on and off, and when I'm depressed I can sleep even more. I hope this helps.

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I sleep a lot too. Mostly because I hate being awake with the anxiety. It can make your brain fog worse in the short-term, but other than that I don't think it's harmful.

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Hi mrworry, it sounds like your sleep is broken up by waking up at 6am taking a paracetamol (takes an hour to work) and then you fall back to sleep until 11am.

Do you know that some people who suffer from stress and anxiety get drowsiness

when taking paracetamol? It may explain why you feel you can sleep longer when you do wake up for the second time. I think your sleep rhythm is off as well.

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