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Really freaked myself out when I tried to go to sleep

I kept jolting awake with completely random symptoms. First I felt like I was falling so I woke up. Tried to fall asleep again then I woke up with a stomachache that went away right away. Then I just woke up shaking. And finally I woke up feeling like I'd been holding my breath in my sleep, I was gasping and everything. Anxiety is giving me every symptom it can think of to keep me awake! Aghhhhh. I especially hate the "jolts". Those always send me into a panic.

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Omg this was happening to me for like a week and i got no sleep because of it so i went to see a Dr and they ga e me alprazolam and ever aince ive had amazing drool sleep lol

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Also that Gasp for air hapoened to me while i was asleep my husband had to wake me up he was scared i was sufforcating in my sleep.... Anxiety is Extremely terribke

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All a part of the tenseness the anxiety puts on our body. So when we finally get to relax, the nerves and muscles react to that lying down position and have to readjust

to accommodate our tired worn out bodies. As our bodies go into sleep mode, these symptoms come about like a "twitch" we may have experienced in our eye. All from stress. Waking up feeling like you have been holding your breath is most likely because you have been holding your breathe many times during the day when anxious. When you start to go to sleep, the chest wall muscles contract making it feel that way. Usually once that happens, your body relaxes and that symptom goes away.

And so the cycle of the anxious person has interrupted yet another night's sleep.

As hard as it is, try going with the flow of these symptoms. After all, it's your body taking over for your own good trying to get a good night's sleep. (it's been a long day)


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