Hi, I have suffered with anxiety and depression since I was 17 years old. I am now nearly 28(next week). I have recently been diagnosed with PTSD ) post traumatic stress disorder) I have been prescribed mirtazapine which I have been on before. They don't seem to be helping me right much. I cannot physically get out of bed,my whole body goes numb. My anxiety is horrendous to the point I just don't want to do anything. People think I'm lazy when in reality, I'm ill! I hate been out for too long and just can't wait to get back home where I know I am safe.my mood changes so quickly

One minute I'm fine,the next,I just blow!! People say, 'keep ya chin up!' Or, 'smile,it might never happen!' This gets me more and more wound up! If only they knew!! Is anyone else feeling like this? It would be great to juat speak to someone who actually understands


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  • Sorry to hear your feeling this way

    I've had days where I've not wanted to move or do anything, but I always find it hard to sit, I'm always fidgety. I'm the same if I go out, I want to hurry back. I have tried to stay out a little longer and socialise, I do find it really difficult, like you said fine one minute and not the next.

    Do you have any support and therapy? X

  • Thanks for the reply hun :) I'm very fidgety too. Extenely. I cannot wait down. I used to be able to but just recently, soon as I sit down, I'm back up again. Cleaning and tidying up. I always try and find something to do. I used to LOVE sitting down and relaxing. But now I just can't :( I went for therapy in September was for 12 weeks.it was a group therapy and it was called mindfulness. It was great. Each and everyone's story was different but we were all feeling the same emotions. And we knew how everyone felt. It helped to a certain extent but I feel like I'm back at square one again now. I have a physcologist who I see regularly. Shes great. She says how ice reacted to things after whats happenes to me in the past,is a normal response as to how anyone would act and I've to not keep blaming myself and feeling guuilty. But I do.I'm so torn :'( and its there in my mind constantly. How about u hun? Have u got any help and support ?

  • Me too always doing something, it is really hard to relax isn't it. I've had cbt in the past which helped abit, but I've had a rough few years so I saw an iapt worker a few weeks ago, I'm going to be having some more cbt but the waiting list is at least a few months 😩

    Just so fed up, I feel drained tonight and no energy but my mind is wide awake, it is nice to talk to people that understand, some people just don't get it x

  • Yeah hun it is really hard to relax. I feel exactly the same as u. R u on any tablets? And what's an iapt worker?

    No, some people r just totally clueless arent the they don't have a clue and think that we are 'over reacting!' Ha....shows what they know aint it? It really is nice to talk to people who understand :) I've only just come back on this site today and I'm SO glad I did! :) x

  • She asked me loads of questions about myself and my anxiety, I think she's like an assessor, that decides what help you need. I stopped my meds about 2 and a half years ago when I was pregnant, I had such a rough time when I stopped and really bad withdrawals, I havnt been back on them since, what about you?

    Do you get many symptoms?

    Yes some people just have no idea how it feels, they must think we enjoy not going places and stopping in the house all the time! It's very frustrating, there's so many things I want to do but I just feel I can't. I like this forum, it kind of takes my mind off how I feel for a while, giving advise to other people (really should take my own lol) x

  • Hi dizzychar. I stopped my meds a year and a half ago long after I became agoraphobic. Nothing was working anymore. It was the hardest battle of my life getting off drugs I had been on for 30 years. I understand more now that the anxiety may never completely go away but I see things clearer now and don't get the intense panic like I use to. I have a bottle of benzo pills for the just in case moment that may arise. When I think of going back to the withdrawal symptoms, I use other techniques to deal with panic.

  • Hi yes I know exactly how you are feeling, diagnoised same & same meds. They don't help much but because I suffer from terrible side effects from meds I have daily to keep me alive following life saving surgery he doesn't want change for fear of addiding to problem. I get no support from partner regularly told to just get over it or to go out & socialise. Hope you start to feel better soon

  • I get the same response from my partner... Hope u feel better x

  • I understand. Right now with med change I just want to sleep. I need to give meds time. How long have you been on meds? Yeah I can't do anything I used to consider fun😥 Believe it or not I even miss being able to shovel snow. I really feel for you and pray you feel better!!! -hugs- I have to literally force myself to do anything including taking a shower and once I do something like go to the store it takes everything out of me I just want to be home in my bed!

  • It's crap Aint it? That's all I want.I feel safe when I'm indoors. Ourdpprs, I just panic like hell! :(

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