Can anyone help??!

Does anyone with aniexty get these horrible bad feelings what feel real and then they get horrible thoughts going on in there head what you don't want and it's like there tricking you seeing it's not bad it's ok when it's isn't and you no it's bad and you don't want to do it and you would not anyway???? Can anyone relate to this is this aniexty cause it's really annoying and getting to me ???


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  • I get the same feelings at times. I have a hard time with thinking that things will never change, like the way life is now will always be the same. Every time this happens I convince myself that my life (my problems) will eventually be better. Whether things do get better or not this is the way I find to cope with this portion of my anxiety. I pray that you find a way to cope with the feelings that you are having so it doesn't consume your life. Take care :-)

  • It's really uncomfortable tho it's horrible is this aniexty ?

  • Sally, have you told your Dr of these thoughts? xx

  • Yes x

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