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I worry about sleep all the time to the point it's ruining my life. I worry that I won't get to sleep I think it's called psychophysiological insomnia

I'm currently away on holiday and it's causing me agonising stress. I'm so petrified I won't sleep tonight & scared beyond belief that I might be up to the early hours & possibly not sleep all night & il have to go to the hospital. I have sleep meda ie zopiclone & have seroquel with me.

Any help or advice would be amazing & apprecited




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  • You won't have to go to the hospital if you stay up all night! Just take a seroquel and it should put you to sleep. Or you can go to a pharmacy and get some melatonin (a natural sleep supplement). What are you afraid is going to happen if you don't sleep?

  • Hi Darren,I have the very same problem as you,Im sure its a phobia now as Ive had it all my life.At the moment its really bad as im more stressed than usual,but I do get it worse on holiday.I dont know what to say to help you,all I do is take zopiclone.My biggest anxiety just now is the doctor will only give me a small supply which worries me.Have you tried melatonine,my niece takes them all the time and she swears by them.Good luck anyway,your not alone.

  • Darren its me again,just been thinking a doctor years ago prescribed clomipramine and I couldnt believe how it took away all the fears about not sleeping .Most people who dont know how it feels say what are you worried about but it does take over your life and is very frightening.I cant take most meds now but those pills really work

  • Try some breathing exercises.. Start relaxing your toes and then your ankles. Go up to your legs and so on and so forth. To every part of your body.. Until you reach your head.. Breath in through your nose and out your moth slowly.. This works great for me

  • Thanks for the replys very much appreciated.

    Yes the thought of being up and not sleeping is terrifying. I sleep every night alright massively anxious at bed time. Took 1 seroquel & 1 zopiclone last night which sent me off. It's just a bit like Groundhog Day, no matter what it's the same worry and same cycle of worry. I'm so scared as I'm in Mexico and worry if I don't sleep and need help, there won't be none for me. I have clompeome so might try that again. It sort of eases my fears knowing there is help and if haven't slept for a whole night (which sounds abnormal) someone can put me to sleep. I prob wouldn't need no meds if I know there is help at the final hurdle or at the last point of call. It also eases my fears knowing other people haven't been to sleep for a long period.

    Really appreciate your replys



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