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Here I go again. It's 2am and I have been googling for about 2 hours. Will I ever learn. I have scared myself and probably won't sleep. Why do I do this, I know it will only worry me. I can't see me ever changing. Any answers. You are quite within your rights to call me an idiot

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I Google all the time but generally not for health things...... anymore....have learnt my lesson there. My husband was diagnosed with a very serious heart condition this year and I didn't even Google that.... I don't want to know, I'd rather be in the dark and continue to watch him get better than knowing the worst scenario and worrying about it. How about playing quiz games instead? I really like those. Sporcle is a good site. All the best. Julie xx


Hi Holly,

If you are still Googling, take a deep breath. Now, close all the browser windows or tabs you have open. Yes, every single one of them! Now power down the computer and go to bed!

If you find your mind is still whirling around - you can do one of 3 things:

1. Go clean out that junk drawer or junk room you've been meaning to. Yes I know its 2 in the morning, but nothing makes a person hit the sack faster than the thought of having to clean out that junk drawer :)

2. Tell yourself, ok I'm gonna give myself the next 15 minutes of "worry time". During this 15 minutes, you can worry and think about every possible scenario you fear might happen. Then write it all down. YES, write it down! I know it sounds ridiculous, but nothing snaps us out of it faster than when we read what we've written down and realise how silly we are being. I'll bet you once you're down writing, you've run out of steam and will be ready to sleep.

3. Play the shopping game, or try to think of a category, then go through the alphabets from A to Z, thinking of a thing in that category starting with each alphabet. I'll bet you you'll be out by the time you hit the alphabet P or Q.

Good luck.

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Hie Holly

It's 3:27 and I'm also wide awake googling as well. Feeling a bit anxious as my eye is irritating me, so can't sleep. Don't know what to do. Heard anxiety can also cause eye problems, am so freaked out- so uncomfortable.


Hi maya thanks for the advice. My husband collects everything, never throws anything out do if I started to sort drawers out I wouldn't sleep for a week. I will certainly do the second one thanks. Take care


Hi Jo crap isn't it, do you think we could sue these health sites. Hope your eye feels better soon. Take care



Seriously before joining this site I was never of google

I used to turn up at the doctors after been on telling HER what I had now

She would sit & look a me & say , why do you think you have that , I would sit there & say well I went on Google and .....

She along with a few friends were never impressed with me & would all say , will you keep of that thing , its driving you mad & us listening as well !

Google gives every answer possible , & suffering with anxiety we will only ever focus on the very worse one , take it & make our anxiety worse

Its like the side effects of tablets that say , 1 in so many thousands have reported what ever ...the minute I read that , I am that 1 , so that as well , I try not to look at

Now someone said to me & maybe its a bit harsh when they did , but if I wanted to try & help myself , I needed to start with staying of Google , but they couldnt do that for me , it was my choice , go on that & believe it , stay of it & trust my GP , & if I wasnt going to trust my GP , well stop going to see her

Sorry I dont mean that to sound harsh , but it was very true what they were saying

I no its not easy , I still get the temptation now , especially as I have a sinus infection , i want to look ,but I no if I do , I will find answers that will make me worse & I think well , i feel bad enough already , so DONT do it !

Also jo , mentioned eyes , mine are red & slightly blood shot at the moment , lots of people get this, could be pollen , tiredness , all the usual things , but if I look on there I no I will come of with a dreaded disease of some kind

I cant stop any one going on , i have to concentrate & resist myself , but it can be done

As soon as you no you are typing something in , click of , look at tesco , or Asda clothing , anything , let that moment pass , it takes practice but you will feel better for it

I hope you can find the strength to resist because HA I have suffered with over 30 years & i do no how bad it is to suffer , but I no how much worse Googling makes it & how it will stop you taking little steps to getting better

Fingers crossed for you , just for today , say I wont do it & take it a day at a time , I no you can do that :-/





Hi holly,

I done that Sunday night which was a massive mistake I was looking at heart arrithmias as I get palps and basically it said it was life threatening and hard to diagnose. This was a huge mistake as all through my tests I have had a normal heart rhythm throughout. Again though it tells u all the worst cases I have chest pain on and off and if u check chest pain it basically tells u get an ambulance ASAP. I know I don't need this I just need my pain controlled. I may get chest pain due to my back spin or that I have a damaged muscle ect. However I also know its hard to tell ur self that. I won't eat nuts as Iam convinced I will have an allergy I love nuts and have never had a problem with them before.

Ban urself from goggle Hun it gives too many honest answers. I mean I know as a nurse heart rhythms are a problem if not regular but again I know that these are controlled well with meds. Not google they tell u that u will or could did when that's not what we need to hear. Xxxx


Thanks whywhy you are right, I have made myself sick with worry. If my doctor says I am ok I have got to believe otherwise HA has won and its taking over my life. I am 63 tomorrow and I had this for forty years enough is enough. I will beat this before it beats me. Thanks again


Holly , I do understand , I have to try so hard with this , even this sinus problem in my mind is trying to turn into something dreadful , & I am having to concentrate so hard not to allow it to

Happy Birthday for tomorrow :)



Hi loopy sorry you are suffering. I am sure they would have found something. My therapist told me they are doing a special study on how many people present at a+e with possible heart problems. Apparently many people who think they have problems are suffering from stress. It is nearly top of the list for stress I induced symptoms, so you are not on your own. Take care


You are right holly, I have told myself that. My heart rate goes up because the body needs it too but I panic and fear the worst as we do. Staying positive today I have some pain and my heartfelt fast earlier but just relaxing and letting it go now :-) I have to be honest if someone told be 5 months ago this type of anxiety existed I would have thought no way!! But look Iam a sufferer too. Xxxx


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