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Is it anxiety

Hi everyone i am new to this site i first had anxiety almost three yrs ago when my daughter had to go in to hospital thank god she is fine now. I managed to control my anxiety untill now my partner passed away a few months ago and anxiety has reared its ugly head again, I have had weird symptoms jaw pain arm pain racing heart fear i am going to die like he has and my little girl will be left on her own. I had too call an ambulance last friday as i thought i was having heart attack anyway they done ecg and said i was fine. I am in contact with healthy minds so hopefully i will get sorted it is taking over my life i am trying to grieve and get this under control. I just want to feel well again and re gain my confidence again. Any ideas to help feel like i am going crazy xxx

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I'm sorry to hear you are going thru this. One symptom of anxiety I have struggled with is impending doom. Constantly making you think something bad is going to happen to you, when in fact, it's not. Those thoughts and feelings are not real. And if you are well and healthy, they're not realistic either. Nothing is going to happen. Grieving is already another thing that causes even more anxiety. So it's normal for you to be feeling this way. The more you find ways to decrease your anxiety levels the more those feelings will start to go away. It would help you as well to get a therapist to help you thru this if you haven't already.


Thanks for your reply i am waiting for apt for cbt. Also going to get counciling for bereavement gone bk to work so that helps x


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