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Does anyone else have a fear or phobia of certain nunbers???! Is this just me??? I don't like the number 28, the number 8 period. Or the number 21,24,33 or 44. Is this weird??? I haven't had this phobia until after my panic attack almost 3 months ago. But every time I see these numbers on the clock or anywhere else, I always feel like it means something bad. Like tomorrow is the 28th and its giving me so much anxiety 😔. Am I alone on this one?????


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  • Hi hun I'm the same can't stand 2 8 11 15 and 33 don't know why but I some times try to think of the numbers as may be a lottery numbers or I try to think of other things it means though the day you ant alone have you tried telling your doctor about it x

  • Omg I'm so happy I'm not alone!!!!!! You don't know how glad that makes me!! Yes I told my therapist and she really just chalks it up to OCD and leaves it at that.

  • Yers, the usual one -13 - didn't have this till I was signing on for a night class, and tutor commented that I was 13, shows how things get into our heads

  • Wow that's interesting! It really does show how we create our own fears smh. I'm just so happy I'm not alone. Like I go as far as covering as covering all the clocks in my house, and the one on my phone so I don't have to worry about seeing one of the numbers when I happen to look at the clock. Cause it seemed like every time I would look, one of those numbers would be there. Especially 28 and it really pisses me off

  • Interesting indeed. If I look at radio alarm clock esp. in darkness and it shows 13 I close my eyes till I think it has moved on!!! aren't we silly billies? Still as you say, just as well there a few of u ...Ha-Ha

  • Lol we really are smh

  • Hi: Everytime I look at my watch or the clock on the VCR it seems to be 9:11. I seem to associate that with my having to call the emergency number. It's a constant reminder of my anxiety and the "what if". On the brighter side is that the numbers

    6 and 12 I have always considered lucky or my numbers. It started with apartment hunting years ago and then house hunting over the years. The minute I would pull up to the new house, my mind would immediately total the numbers. If it added up to a 12 or a 6, that would be the house for me. It always was true. It started when I was

    17 years old and worked at a hospital where I met the love of my life. His room

    number was 417 equals 12. Our first home was 417 and that's how it began.

    Odd but true

  • Yeah at times I would see that 9:11 too and think the exact same thing. I think people just have tendacies to really overthink and create scenarios in our own minds that don't exist and it causes anxiety

  • more anxiety lol on top of what we already have

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