Feel terrible

Can hangovers make your anxiety 20 times worst cause I'm hungover and I feel dizzy I can't think straight mind keeps going blank red hot then cold keep seeing flashes and stuff all this is constant is it the alcohol that's done this to me or is it cause something's wrong and drinking made it qorat so confused feels like I'm struggling to talk to but I'm talking fine :((((


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  • Hi

    The short answer to your question is a great big yes. Alcohol affects the levels of serotonin, and other chemicals in your brain leading to you feeling worse and far more anxious than usual - not only that, it can last for many hours after you stop drinking. Sometimes we think it helps to 'forget' by having a drink - but that one drink can become several, leading to a worsening level of anxiety.

  • I thought so I just feel like I'm gonna pass out and feel all funny:/

  • Drink plenty of water and lie down for a while - should help a bit.