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Throats not getting any better and all I do is worry about it more and more. I can breathe fine, swollow fine (sometimes it just feels uncomfortable to) but I just want the swelling of my right tonsil to go down. It's not super swollen but I can definitely tell that it is. Lymph nodes have also stayed the same and haven't gone down. Whyyyyyy. This just sucks so bad. I have tried everything to get them down or just stop thinking about it, but can't help it. I just don't understand why it has been like this for so long. I've never had this

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Idk why it put tonsillitis haha



You say these are swollen , are you saying this because a Doctor has examined you and told you so or that you think they are without been seen by a Doctor ?

Anxiety can give us these sensations and yes it is frustrating when it happens and the more we worry the more it stays the same but you should see your Doctor even if you have before and get their help with this let them tell you if they are actually swollen and then see what they can do for you

Take Care x


Hi Bounce, hope all ok with you. I'm just off to bed but just wanted to say hello and hope all well x


Hello Jill :-)

That is nice :-) Thank You :-)

I am feeling ok -ish ...I think the meds maybe helping my indigestion after 8 days but hope I have not spoken to soon but I could be getting a sinus infection now but other than that I am ok :-/

How are you ? have you had plenty of baths today :-D

Hope you sleep well x


Sinus infection oh no hope not. Just 1 bath today due to having the day with my folks! 😆 x


O only the 1 :-D

You can make up for it tomorrow :-/ x

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I have seen a doctor and she said my right one is a little swollen, but not much. She said viral infections can do that. I also had a blood test and everything came back completely normal.

Thank you for your reply!!


What is weird is I have had this for over a month now and it hasn't gotten better or worse, it's worse in the morning, but throughout the day it gets a little better. Sometimes certain thing irritate it more than others though :/


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