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So scared need help 😒

Need someone help really not feeling my self and all my family and husband have notice it's vile 😒 Wanna be the old Sally people know me as and the Sally I was before the OCD and aniexty kicked in

Does anyone feel when they get a bad thought they have to say what they wanna say out loud cuz they feel there mind can't say it it's really scary how I'm feeling 😒

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Hi Sally,

Well, our old friends OCD and anxiety sure are nasty to come and visit you. I'd throw them out if I was you. I think that's what you're trying to do when you say them out loud...maybe! Just getting them out in the open and wishing they were gone.

You have to go see your Dr. to get rid of them. Go as soon as possible and get on some drugs to calm your anxiety. You might feel worse at first, some drugs work that way, but then you'll start to feel better. It takes a few weeks to really feel better and I hope you do.

Anxiety really stinks. Try to focus your attention on anything but what makes you feel anxious. That helps to keep it under control. Think about secure thoughts. Like "I'm fine here with my family or friends" or "I like how safe I feel inside watching TV". When you start to think about things that make you anxious, tell yourself: "Stop it!! Drop it!!" and really do it. Stop thinking about whatever you were that got you anxious, drop that thought and substitute a safe one. Train yourself to do this and you'll be happier for it. Life's too short to be miserable. Take care of yourself.


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