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Anxiety or.... Actual aches


You all ever get frustrated trying to figure out if an ache is due to anxiety or an actual strained muscle ? I understand with anxiety you could stress muscles or even cause tension . So maybe it could be a combo of both. I mentioned in a previous post about an ache in the back of my head ..a bit above the base of my neck on the right side . That's the only way I know how to describe it lol. Anyways it's been aching then I feel pressure . I know a massage would be lovely . Lol

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Hi: I believe it's a little of both as well. I know my muscles are so tight all the time that when I do something strenuous, it puts me over the edge. I went for physical therapy at one time for that same exact ache in the back of the head. (at the base of my neck)

It sounds like that is where you hold your stress. Take care.

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